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The Imposter has been revealed!

Jen - The imposter has been revealed!Who’s the Imposter? If you have been following us on Facebook, you have probably seen everything from people, to Bo, to a watermelon dressed up as the Impostor. Hopefully, you are asking yourself who or what the Imposter is. Well, it is…….. a wine that taste like beer! 

We are constantly asked about us brewing beer for those who don’t like wine.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy to do in real life as is to suggest it.  There a number of licensing hoops and a large additional cost that make it not practical for us.  Additionally, we  started as a winery and we want to stay a winery.  So we decided to innovate and find another way to satisfy our guests resulting in the Imposter being born! We figured if they can make a beer flavored jelly bean, why not a beer flavored wine? The Imposter will be debuted at our Harvest Festival on September 10th, 2016

This led to more discussion about craft beer, small brew batches and then…Lightbulb! Why couldn’t we do something similar with wines?  We don’t see anyone advertising craft wines, but why not.  William loves to experiment with wine, trying new things.  Why do beer guys get to have all of the fun? Why can’t we do small batches of fun stuff?  William has lots of things on his list that he would like to try: apple, peach, chocolate, spiced, and all of us at the winery help to keep it growing! Right now we have several small batches in tanks so stay tuned for new releases!! 


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