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We made it through the rain!

July 2, 2018

These words sung by Barry Manilow keep running through my head! With record spring rains on Delmarva, the work on the farm and vineyard had been compressed into a small window of time! Everyone on the farm is working full speed ahead.  We are pleased to report that our grapes are doing well with no outward signs of damage.  We will have to wait until they ripen to know for sure.    Everywhere else on the farm we are scrambling. We had corn that needed to be replanted.  (it looks a little shorter than usual at this point in the summer, but we’ll get there) Our soybeans were planted later than we wanted. While all of this is happening our wheat was ready for harvest! It’s dry enough to cut and we were relieved to discover there was no mold or disease. At one point we thought we’d need a rowboat to harvest, but things have dried out well. We have also started fertigating this month.  Fertigation is something we started last year.  It is the ability to put fertilize onto our crops through the irrigation system.  This means that instead of putting it all on early, and having the chance for it to run off or disappear into ground water, we gradually feed the crop throughout the growing season.

 Corn after rain

Corn after rain 4

Corn after rain 3

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