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Spring Bottling 2015!!

Wow! This year’s bottling was intense! Our bottling in the past may have had a bump in the road or two but this year we hit some major potholes! First, we bottled more than we ever have before and that by itself is a major space issue for us. On our first day, a bearing broke on the bottling line. Since the equipment is European there was only one place in our area to get the part and they were closed for the day. Landwirt Bottling,  our bottler, has a “get it done” attitude to the nth degree! Gary said, if the part was not available in Salisbury but was in New York he would have his friend fly his airplane from Virginia to New York and then bring us the part in Cambridge.  Luckily for us, the part was in Salisbury. So we were up and running by noon on day two. Then, when we tried bottling our watermelon and it would not go through the final filtration that happens right as it enters the bottling line.  We tried re-filtering it with ours and it still did not work.  William had to go to St. Michael’s to get a different type of filter to run it through and that kept him at the winery until midnight of day two! Finally, on day three everything ran smoothly. It was just a matter of dealing with the rain and getting the bottling line truck out of the parking lot before our ladies night event went into full swing!  We made it just in the nick of time! Whew!  

With all of the that being said we thoroughly enjoyed working with all of our volunteers and appreciate their patience through all of our hiccups! Also, we are very excited to introduce two new wines, Laura’s Lemonade and the brand new dry Lazy Day Rose!


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