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Layton’s Chance: Maryland’s First & Only Craft Winery

From the day we decided to develop a winery, Jennifer, William, Joe and Laura agreed that certain things would always be important, including that:

  • William would be our very active vintner, overseeing everything from field to bottle.
  • Our production would remain small so that we could bring the best wine possible to the market.
  • We were (and remain) committed to knowing where our grapes came from, whether from our vineyard or another carefully selected farm.

What we didn’t know was that a decade later our approach would be the near-perfect definition of “Craft Wine.”

In late February, at a special celebration, the Craft Wine Association based in Salem, Ore., announced that Layton’s Chance is the first “Certified Craft Winery” in the State of Maryland and Delmarva. The distinction recognizes that commitment to crafting wine with a dedication to the very elements we always found special.

To be certified as “craft” by the CWA, we had to demonstrate that our wines are commercially available in limited production, and that:

  • The development of every wine is led by a winemaker (William) who is a partner and decision maker throughout the process.
  • The fruit used to produce each wine comes from traceable sources.
  • Every wine produced by the winery is in 5,000-or-fewer case lots.

For us, craft does go way back. You may have noticed in our Tasting Room we have always included what we called “Craft Wines on Tap.” These change quarterly and reflect elements and ingredients we have found interesting in winemaking.

At the celebration, Carol Lawson, founder and CEO of Craft Wine Association and a certified sommelier, said, “We are so pleased to certify Layton’s Chance as Delmarva’s first Certified Craft Winery. The rise in popularity of craft wines reflects changing tastes, inspired by creativity and sourcing high-quality, local fruit. Consumers want to know the hands that made the wine and the stories behind the craft.”

We’re pleased to be at the vanguard of the Craft trend – especially as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary. It will be a year of reveals, including our new 10th Anniversary logo, some new craft wines, and some special events, including a 10th Birthday Bash on Saturday, May 23. (Save the date!)

We’re excited to be recognized for our approach to growing and sourcing grapes and producing wine. Our vineyard and winery are a labor of love and being certified ‘craft’ ties our approach all together under one proud banner.


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