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Honoring Tradition

Isidore Red is named after the Patron Saint of Farming. We have always, with our wines, celebrated our farming history and heritage, and this is another way to honor that tradition. I have kept a St. Isidore medal in my pickup ever since I started farming, and I had wanted for a long time to have a St. Isidore Wine. The black cherry compliments the Norton and Chambourcin so well that this has quickly become one of my all time favorite wines.  

When we were looking at a name for our newest wine, we were all throwing out different ideas. I tossed out Isidore Red, and as expected, everyone asked “What is Isidore?” After some explanation, we obviously decided that this was a great addition to our farm wines.
Isidore was a farmer in Spain in the 1100s. The story goes that he went to church every day. His landlord complained that he went to church too often, and didn’t have time to get his work done on the farm. The next day, when the landlord came to check, Isidore was indeed in church again, but there were angels plowing the fields to help get his work done!
Join us for the release of Isidore Red and taste the delight for yourself.


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