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 We are constantly asked in the tasting room why we cannot ship to the state of Delaware. Believe me, we would love to ship there, however, Delaware’s laws prohibit us from doing so. Although there have been bills introduced to change this, the only way they will pass is if constituents make enough noise to their legislator. So, here goes my Delawarians! 

Make your voice known through the ‘Free The Grapes’ website.  You can follow this link to get a more detailed understandin 

g of what is happening, as well as template emails to send to your legislator. Lately, we have been getting a lot of calls from customers saying that they cannot find our product in their local DE stores anymore. 

Unfortunately, Delaware is a three-tier state, meaning there are three steps to selling alcohol: manufacturer – distributor – retailer, which means that we have to use a distributor to sell inside the state.  We have done this for years but our current distributor has gone out of business and as of yet we have not been able to obtain a new one. So once again, I ask for the power of the people. I hope that you will continue to go into your stores and ask the retailers for our product and urge them to ask their other wine distributors to carry our wine.


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