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2014 Team Member of the Year – Lamont Farrow

2014 TEAM MEMBER OF THE YEAR- LAMONT FARROWIn all of this bad weather I thought I would take the time to highlight a bright light here at Layton’s. Many of you know our tasting room staff but not many get to know our unsung heroes on the farm.   When discussing the idea of doing a Team Member award for 2014 there was very little discussion about who it would be! It was a hands-down unanimous decision for it to be Mr. Lamont Farrow.  Lamont joined our team in the fall of 2013 as temporary harvest help. He quickly made himself so indispensable that we just could not let him leave when harvest was over! He has gotten more shout outs from fellow team members than anyone else.  He is there every day ask how can he help. While he technically works on the farm, he never leaves without asking if the tasting room needs anything before he goes home for the day! It is a truly a pleasure working with him. When the going gets tough, Lamont gets moving with a smile on his face!

“Lamont did the work of 4 men during harvest.” – William 

“Lamont knows what I need before I need it. Always looking out for us!” – Pam

“Lamont’s the man! Always read to help and do whatever I need. Forever dependable & reliable!” – Barb

Nellie a fellow vineyard team member event even gave him her own award!

Layton's Chance Winery & Vineyard. Outstanding Vineyard Work, 2014 to Lamont Farrow


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